Donors Overseas is an agency for families requiring egg donors and carriers. Our donors come from Latin America and Ukraine. Donors Overseas offers the chance of delivering 00cytes to other countries. Moreover, you may also choose embryo formation in best fertility clinics where donors reside. We offer alternatives specially addressed to same sex couples as well as single women and men  regarding egg, semen,  embryo donation and surrogacy.







EGG DONORSOur agency has specialized in searching donors throughout Latin America. We also have donors from other countries. Donors receive compensation from our agency. It must be noted that such a compensation is significantly more important than the one which might be locally received. Thus, these donors happen to be included in our program of international donors. Some donors may travel to USA in order to undergo egg extraction and, in other cases, egg extraction will be performed in the country where donors reside.
Times and cycles intended to develop embryos and perform fresh embryo transfer may be scheduled with donor and pregnancy-carrying woman / carrier. Another option focuses on cryopreserving the oocytes so that they may be subsequently shipped by specialized couriers to other countries where embryos will be formed and transferred.
Families from several locations worldwide may extend their family group with egg  donors at lower costs than those ones usually pay  in USA with American donors. Not all families have the resources to hire an American donor and cope with the costs involved in this process.
We are currently working with the best assisted fertility centers in each country, thus resulting in optimal results both in terms of donor´s previous studies as well as egg-related studies. Our donors and you may choose one of the following three programs as set out below:
Anonymous Donation: In this case, donor ignores who will make use of her oocytes and receiving party / carrier also ignores whom these oocytes come from. Only donor´s health data, profile, photos and, in some cases, a brief video of her are known. No access to donor´s identity data, but her country of origin, is available. A Confidential Agreement under which intended parents will neither display nor reveal donor´s image or information.
Open Donation: Here, upon reaching his or her age of majority, donor conceived person has access to donor´s identification data.
Non-Anonymous Donation: Donor has no problem to let intended parents know her identity. Donor may, or may not, have knowledge about the family to which she is donating her gametes.
Please contact us to know more details about our programs and trust us with your wish of extending your family. Let us contact your appropriate donor.




LGBT FAMILIESLGBT families are welcome in your Agency notwithstanding their sexual orientation. Their wish of having a child is their hallmark. Many countries do not allow either a man or same sex couples may become parents. However,  there are other legal systems permitting otherwise. These systems do not make any difference among heterosexual marriages or couples and men or women alone. All persons are equal before law. Everybody has the same rights and duties.
We are highly proud of walking with you in your trip to form or extend your family. We help you in your donor choice as well as in gestational surrogacy, if required. Intended parents will be recorded in your gestational surrogacy child´s certificate of birth. Carrier will not be recorded in the certificate of birth. Contact us and let us escort you throughout this exciting travel to have a child via surrogate motherhood. We are always beside you to help you throughout this trip of extending your family.





lesbian familyLesbian Couples

In this case, you may appeal to ROPA method – one of the members of the lesbian couple is who carries the pregnancy of an embryo formed by her partner´s egg and donated semen. Moreover, it may happen that both women may prefer to receive an embryo donation, or form an embryo through both egg and semen donation thus resulting in either of them may carry the pregnancy or, otherwise, require a carrying uterus. The birth certificate will contain both parents´ names.






gay fatherGay Couples

In these cases, you may appeal to egg donation and embryos formed by either the own partner´s semen or donated semen will be used. You may also either appeal to embryo donation or form an embryo with donated gametes. The birth certificate will be issued  with both parents´ names.








SURROGATEWithin assisted fertility techniques, gestational surrogacy includes a woman carrying the pregnancy of procreational parents without the intention of becoming the mother. The birth certificate will be issued with the name of the intended parents.

Candidates are over 18 years of age. An age not exceeding 42 years old is recommended. Candidates must not smoke, must have undergone at least one successful pregnancy and must not have undergone more than 3 cesarean sections. Besides, they must not have experienced complications in their previous pregnancies. They must not have had any criminal records. They must not have suffered postpartum depression symptoms or taken antidepressants during the last 12-month periods. A term exceeding at least 12 months must have elapsed since the last tattoo or piercing. Candidates must be previously interviewed and medically and psychologically examined.




how to choose a surrogateChoosing your carrier

If you read the requirements that a carrier must meet, you will see not every woman is qualified to do so. Carrier is required to successfully undergo a series of studies which she must be qualify for in order to carry a pregnancy. Only 1 or 2 women out of a total number of 10 enrolled in our program are withheld. Applicants must undergo a series of stringent studies in terms of medical and psychological viewpoints. It is critical for the carrier not only to be eligible as from medical and psychological viewpoints but that her family group may agree with and support this project. Note that our team will be always available 365 days a year to solve any eventual needs.





Where and How is a Surrogate Mother Chosen

Not all families may gain access to hire a carrier in USA with all relevant medical costs connected with this practice despite USA is undoubtedly the most advanced and safest country in this matter since decades. Within the range of programs we have developed, many times together with other agencies and medical centers, we offer different alternatives intended to help you to become a parent. In addition to gestational surrogacy process, you may carry out everything not only in USA but also in other countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. For instance, you may form  your embryos in Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala. You may have a carrier in USA who travels to Argentina to undergo embryo transfer and who, then, will continue staying in USA throughout surrogacy process. Finally, child´s birth will take place in USA. Carrier is American or resides in USA. This system results in costs of either seeking for an egg donor or cryopreserving the eggs in USA whose values are extremely higher than those ones existing in other countries. The foregoing is also applicable to medical costs in connection with embryo formation and its transfer.
Child´s birth may also take place in other country such as Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, Argentina, Colombia or others. It must be clearly emphasized that your project of having children through a carrier must be safely performed as from psychological, medical and legal viewpoints. Today, legal engineering permits the involvement of several countries so that you may compare pecuniary values allowing you to gain access to these practices. Many times, other countries offer lower costs being the standards applicable to said countries according to their living levels.
You decide which type of relationship you wish to have with your carrier, where ICSI or IVF process will take place, where eggs and semen will be obtained if you are unable to supply them. You may also decide where your child will be born, where your carrier will come from. Indeed, we guide and escort you throughout the different programs we have already developed for you.
We take care about contacting a woman who will carry your child´s birth pursuant to your requirements. We walk together with you throughout pregnancy up to your child´s birth. We help you to get your child´s birth certificate and its relevant documentation where intended parents  will be recorded.
In some European countries, a court order will be required, we can take care about it where child was born.
Besides, we contact you to best medical centers, which we usually work with, in the different countries. Specialized lawyers will be also available so that you may always have the choice to receive independent legal advice.
This process will include agreements, contracts and consents to be executed and given according to embryo-related place of formation or donation, gamete´s place of origin, carrier´s nationality and child´s place of birth. The safer and clearer things are the more enjoyable and peaceful your child´s birth process will be. We escort you at each instance of this process.
Contact us and tell us about your life project. Let us guide you throughout this wonderful egg & semen donation trip. Tell us about having a child via a carrier  who is ready and qualified to give her own work all the care and love your child needs to arrive to this world in the best way.







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